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姓名: 钱鸣
职称: 教授
所在系别: 材料加工工程系
最高学历: 研究生
最高学位: 博士
备注: No plan to recruit new students at this time
所在学科专业: 材料加工工程
所研究方向: 激光材料加工;高温结构材料;地质钻具材料
教育经历: Ph.D., The Ohio State University,2001. Dept.of Materials Science and Engineering

学术论文: Selective publications

M. Qian, C.S. Goh, Y.H. Sun, F.L. Ng,Effects of CNTs on microstructure and hardness of laser welds of the CNT-reinforced magnesium composite,Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing,48 (2013) 67–72.
M. Qian, D. Li, S.B. Liu, S.L. Gong, Corrosion performance of laser-remelted Al-Si coating on magnesium alloy AZ91D, Corrosion Science 52(2010) 3554-3560.
M. Qian and J.N. DuPont, Microsegregation-related pitting corrosion characteristics of AL-6XN superaustenitic stainless steel laser welds, Corrosion Science 52 (2010) 3548-3553.
M. Qian, D. Li, Microstructure and corrosion characteristics of laser-alloyed magnesium alloy AZ91D with Al-Si powder, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 9 (2008) 025002.
M. Qian and J.C. Lippold, Investigation of Grain Refinement during a Rejuvenation Heat Treatment of Wrought Alloy 718,Materials Science and Engineering A 456 (2007)147-155.
M. Qian and J.C. Lippold, The Effect of Annealing-twin Generated Special Grain Boundaries on the HAZ Liquation Cracking of Nickel-base Superalloys, Acta Materialia 51 (2003) 3351-3361.
M. Qian and J.C. Lippold, Liquation Phenomena in the Simulated Heat-Affected-Zone of Alloy 718 under Multiple Weld Repair/Post Weld Heat Treatment Cycles, Welding Journal 82 (2003) 145s-150s.
M. Qian and J.C. Lipplod, The Effect of Rejuvenation Heat Treatments on the Repair Weldability of Wrought Alloy 718, Materials Science and Engineering A 340 (2003) 225-231.
Ming Qian,L.C. Lim and Z.D. Chen, Laser Cladding of Nickel-Based Hardfacing Alloys, Surface & Coatings Technology 106(1998) 174-182.
社会兼职: 中国电子显微镜学会第九届电子背散射专业委员会委员
Peer reviewer:
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A / Corrosion Science/Journal of Laser Application / Materials Chemistry and Physics/ Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance/

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