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About Departments
Department of Materials Science

    Program description: the program covers varied fields including synthesis and characterization of functional materials, the design and development of new material and computer simulation of materials. Based on professional knowledge acquisition, students will be given enough access to discipline frontiers and under the guidance of superiors, students could conduct scientific research and practice experimental thinking skills. The program aims to create a high quality talent pool of graduate who has solid physics and chemistry foundation and materials science knowledge, good competence in computer, foreign language and modern test and analytical skills. The members of the faculty and staff are composed of 14 professors, 6 associate professors and 4 lecturers.

   Main courses: Introduction to Material Science and Engineering, Materials Science Fundamentals. Core courses: Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Polymer Materials, Polymer Science, X-ray Studies, Physics, Metal Materials Science, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and so on.

   Career opportunity: half of the graduates will have the chance to continue their graduate studies; wide range of career opportunities offered by research institutes, universities, companies and enterprises in terms of research, teaching, design, development and management.

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