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About Departments
Department of Metallic Material Engineering

  Program description: the program covers the study of basic theory of material science, mastery of basic laws concerning composition, structure, production process, relationship between environment and performance of metal material and composite materials.Optimize material and process design to improve material performance, quality and lifespan for maximum economic and social efficiency. Based on common platform integrated with material science and engineering, the program will build an environment consisting varied courses and practical training for future material scientists, engineers and management.The program aims to create a high quality talent pool of graduate with solid foundation in material science and engineering in terms of basic knowledge and professional skill. The program was built in 1957 and began to take in undergraduate students in1958 and master students in 1979. It obtains award right of Ph.D. degree. Now it can bring up master, doctor and the postdoctoral research personnel in the stair subject of Material Science and Engineering. The members of the faculty and staff are composed of 17 professors, 3 associate professors and 2 lecturers.

 Main courses: Physical Chemistry in Materials, Material Thermodynamics, Electron Microscopy and Analysis, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Metal Materials Science, Composite Materials Science, Surface Engineering, Nano-materials, Functional Materials, Automotive Materials, Computer Application Fundamentals and so on.

 Main courses: Career opportunity: wide range of career opportunities offered by colleges and research institutes in terms of research and teaching of the new materials and technology; and by companies, enterprises and government agencies in terms of material application, technology development and technical management.

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