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About Departments
Department of Polymer Materials and Engineering

  Program description: the program covers basic theory of polymer chemistry and physics and polymer materials processing technology and knowledge, including the mastery of relationship between composition, structure and properties of polymer materials; synthetic and modification methods of polymer materials; basic theory and technique of polymer processing rheology, contour machining process and mould design. The program aims to create a high quality talent pool of graduate who acquires polymer material and engineering knowledge and is capable of scientific research, technology development, process and equipment design, manufacture and management in the fields of polymer materials synthesis, modification and molding. The members of the faculty and staff are composed of 6 professors, 7 associate professors and 2 lecturers..

   Main courses: Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Physics, Polymer Rheology, Principle and Processing Technology of Polymer, Modern Molding Equipment and Mould Design, Mould CAD/CAE/CAM Integrated Technology, Polymeric Materials Research Methods and so on.

  Career opportunity: wide range of career opportunities offered by companies, enterprises, research and design institutes, and government agencies in terms of polymer materials molding process development and production, experimental research and management and teaching or research in universities.

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