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About Departments
Department of Material Processing Engineering

   Program description: the program covers the study of basic theory of machinery, electronics, computer, material science and material processing, and necessary training for engineers such as drawings, calculations, tests, document retrieval and process design. In addition to computer and foreign language competence, students will have a high level of technical expertise and overall quality. The program aims to create a high quality talent pool of graduate who masters basic theory of material science and engineering and is capable of research, design and manufacture, technical development, production management and sales in the field of material processing. The members of the faculty and staff are composed of29 professors, 28 associate professors and 13 lecturers, including 2 academicians withone from the Chinese Academy of Science and the other one from the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

   Main courses: Theoretical Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Mechanical Principle and Mechanical Parts, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Computer Principles and Application, Material Science Fundamental, The Principle of Material Forming, The Process of Material Forming, Material Forming Equipment, Computer Measurement and Control Technology, CAM Fundamentals and so on.

  Career opportunity: wide range of career opportunities offered by companies and enterprises, research institutes, universities and government agencies in terms of manufacture and development, process and equipment design, teaching, scientific research and management.

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