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美国密苏里大学 David J. Singh 教授来材料学院学术讲座
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报告题目:Oxides as Thermoelectrics and Transparent Conductors
报 告人:Prof. David J. Singh (戴维.辛格教授) University of Missouri, Columbia
时 间:2016年4月7日下午2:00-3:00
地 点:南岭校区机械材料馆209多媒体报告厅
Oxides form the most common and versatile class of inorganic compounds and are used in many applications. However, remarkably there are only a handful of known high performance oxide transparent conductors, and even fewer higher performance oxide thermoelectrics. This talk presents recent results in this area. In the case of oxide transparent conductors, perovskite and related Sn compounds are discussed. In the case of thermoelectrics, electronic structure based screens for new compounds are presented including a simple visual screen. Results are given along with new potential n-type oxide thermoelectric materials

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