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报告题目:Biocompatible Amphiphilic Hydrogel-Solid Particles as Colloidal Surfactants 
报 告 人:陈东 博士 哈佛大学/浙江大学
Abstract: Microemulsions are energetically unstable; they slowly coalesce over time when stabilized by surfactant molecules. To solve this problem, we develop amphiphilic dimer particles that are highly anisotropic in their hydrophobicity, consisting of one hydrogel bulb and one hydrophobic bulb. The amphiphilic particles behave as surfactant molecules at the water/oil interface, stabilizing both water in oil and oil in water emulsions. 
时 间:2016年3月9日(周三)上午9:00
地 点:前卫南区唐敖庆楼D区429报告厅
主持人:崔小强 教授

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