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燕山大学Jianyu Huang 教授来材料学院学讲座
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报告题目:Application of in-situ electron microscopy in nanoscience and energy research
报告人:Jianyu Huang 教授 燕山大学
时  间:2016年9月27日(周二)  上午9:30-11:30
地  点:机械材料馆 209房间
举办单位:吉林大学材料学院 汽车材料教育部重点实验室
He has been working in the area of electron microscopy and its applications in materials science for over 20 years. According Google Scholar, Huang’s h-index is 67, and his total citation is above 15000. He has published 204 peer reviewed journal papers, including: 
Nature 1, Science 1, Physical Review Letters 11, Nature Nanotechnology 3, Nature Communications 3, Nature Methods 1, PNAS 1, Nano Letters 25, ACS Nano 8, Advanced Materials 3, Advanced Energy Materials 1 (Invited Review), Energy Environmental Science 1 (Invited Review).

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